Code of Ethics

We, the members of the PMSA, adopt the following code of ethics and pledge to abide by them in the performance of our services. We agree that any member who violates them or any Federal, State or Local statute will be subject to immediate termination from our Association.
We, the members, specifically agree to:

Perform our services and operate our businesses in such a manner that will strenghten and enhance the good name of the moving industry.
Maintain business practices and standards that are fair and honest to our employees, customers, vendors and competitors. We will refrain from defaming our competitors.
Serve the public with integrity and strive to eleminate fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and other unethical practices within our industry.
Adhere to the Association by-laws and code of ethics as adopted by the governing board of the PMSA and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.