Membership Standards
PMSA standard for membership is higher than that of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Reputable movers know that honesty and ethics are the foundation for earning the trust of consumers and employees alike, they are proud to join a business association of like-minded movers. Membership in PMSA is voluntary, not all movers qualify for membership.
All mover members must be established for at least one year, licensed and sponsored to join. We check their Public Movers license with the Pennsylvania Public Utitlity Commission, references and complaint histories. They must have maintained a record of fair and honest business dealings with customers, fellow movers and associate members. We provide ongoing tools and seminars to help them train their employees to develop good moving skills that focus on customer service:
  • We verify their license and insurance is current.
  • Membership guidelines are based on truth and fairness.
  • Movers must maintain a good record with the BBB.